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Towards a popular showdown to an officialization of the Amazigh (*)Towards a popular showdown to an officialization of the Amazigh (*)

Towards a popular showdown to an officialization of the Amazigh  (*)Towards a popular showdown to an officialization of the Amazigh  (*)

Hassan Amoqran Sunday 17 May 2015 – 13:19 With deliberate procrastination and frequent procrastination policy, which face their current government to release regulatory law to activate the official Amazigh, right for us to say that Znonna and Tojdzisatna on the future of Amazigh in state institutions under the government of “a majority party led by” hostile Amazigh were in place, and the right of us, too to say that the slogans of the government majority parties as long as she thought herself historically lawyer for HCA mere slogans for consumption Alsaasi, and the right of us also have to disbelieve all political shops that are not interested in politics is personal ambition in the social and political is not improving. After the Constitution Khalnah to do justice to the Amazigh came after a long marginalization and Akabbar blur, recorded recidivism and foot-dragging, retreats and coming in Debunked, declines for “gains” extracted by the struggle of peaceful desperate fueled by historical legitimacy and human rights and the determination of the Amazigh, declines were and are carried out under the pretext of non-issuance of the Act, which handcuffed by pockets of resistance to change Amazigh future which is no longer reassuring. And by virtue of the fact that a given time is not in favor of the Amazigh, we have – we actors Amazigh – stop-sufficiency complaint of absence or Amazigh absence in the work programs of the government, and the transition to conducted popular for formal Amazigh language by taking the lead and opened the doors of practical endeavor to do justice to the Amazigh and the realization of citizens’ rights Moroccan grieving simultaneously and responsibly, without forgetting load state responsibilities and the responsibility of breach. The quotation on the official Amazigh language in the Moroccan Constitution remains a political reference legal pillar which entitles the Moroccan initiative Baltfiel People’s official Amazigh language, and under what Nstalh in this place as the “smart struggle” which provides the time and effort, and eliminates the waste of time in the complaint and lamenting, Below are some simple arrangements that would impose Amazigh smooth away some types of confrontations Bad behavior and unwanted, both with the citizen seducer him and Almstalp who tasted phobia Amazigh for some reason, or with official authorities, which is no doubt that of its men who did not yet get rid of outlook inventory “unmarked” to Amazigh in a historical context, surpassing become, and could not keep up with the change that marred some aspects of the official dealing with some issues. The realization of entrepreneurial thought and download popular Amazigh an official is not a substitute for the institutionalization of the Amazigh, not step from the door acquit the Moroccan State of historical responsibilities towards the Amazigh, or exemption for owners of comfortable chairs, air-conditioned halls of their responsibilities, but that Alrahnih and coercion time as we have said, get out Tamazight of bids political, and prove to stick and cling to folk Amazigh identity and the legitimacy of the enjoyment of civil rights, etc., are Mbrratna in this direction. It is true that opponents – not to say enemies – Amazigh issue do not master is treason language at best disguise, which was born in some Amazigh categories reactions ranging from intolerance as the answer to deny, and extremism as a response to accusations of treason, and each agent Kid _khasim Mkayala and Kayala. The truth is that it is no longer in favor of the Amazigh, movement Amazigh are invited to focus on the industry view and attitudes values ​​optimal high-end, morality, and symptoms all the provocations that the dispersion of focus and create side battles, the movement are invited to be ambitious and optimism and determination, to arms diligent, diligence, scramble, and must Movement to be honest with themselves before others and embodies the principles and especially the relative difference and accept the opinions of others. We must be careful to social peace and cohesion of Morocco, and not to fall into the trap of narrow nationalism and obnoxious thought, we are all Amazigh – by virtue of belonging to the Amazigh – Earth with varying degrees of alienation on the one hand, and on the other hand, with varying degrees of awareness and sense, and these latter two are what must Work on Azkaihma in the hearts of Moroccans, we are not not a national, not a minority, not the range nor the privacy of regionalization and thus does not have to bunker down or accept Boukndguetna, earth Moroccan entire speaks Amazigh, and our strength that we do not succumb not to the East nor the West, but to secure the land of “Marrakech” North -afriqih. In the symbolic pattern of strategic thought, we find that the world knows two models basic, the Western model and head of the United States, then the eastern model and reflected China, either the first and known as the “yang” The phenomenon of fire, light and inwardly simplicity, Vslaha time and confrontation, and often receives the blows and failures and disappointments, but the second is defined as the “yen”, and the phenomenon of water and shade but inwardly complex, depends persuasion and flexibility and often succeed in his duties even took a long time. In other words, we have to walk on China’s strategic layout based flexibility and flexibility that achieve persuasion and thus achieve the goals less “losses” and without surprises. In the first level, we must be pragmatic not the phenomena of voice, Vtfiel Amazigh begins at home, so we must attach right in our homes, Venalmha for our children, and instill in them love and Nestm to be proud of them, with openness and due respect for the other, that we call our children the names of HCA realize sense, that Ntalaahm on the glories of their ancestors and the history and culture of their ancestors. In the second level, you must pay citizens to the horizontal work and the launch of an official Amazigh language workshops download, There is no longer justification for hesitation in making the Tamazight language ascend the facades our stores and our offices and others, he is right has become constitutionally must exercise all the awareness and responsibility, and should adopt building strategic option then waiting to seize the opportunity, we must recognize the importance of this workshop, especially because it opens the door for everyone to discover the Amazigh, and digging in the historical extensions. The associative fabric hard should write to the heads of all the facilities and public institutions in writing and formally, without the absence of a given friendly, flexibility and dialogue Amazigh to enable to take its share of the visual identity of Morocco, also have to work as a Aguetrahih for naming the alleys and streets as well as the neighborhoods of names Amazigh reservation historical memory of Moroccans , intelligent format and effective consultation and fruitful cooperation with the elected one hand, real estate and physical therapy specialists on the other. On the other hand, should the Amazigh movement work on the fairness of the Amazigh, the language and culture, in art festivals and cultural, intellectual and demonstrations, not so requires more than the ability to communicate effectively fueled by strong determination, we must get used to the hearing and the imposition of privacy, but much of the softness and flexibility in communication with bosses who remain in the end the citizens did not realize after the fact that this country, and deal with them on the basis that they are victims importer thought imposed certain conditions, and is not given to them Kjladen conspirators. On the other hand Taataan initiative to organize forums cultural and artistic demonstrations and values ​​the privacy of Amazigh away from the folk or conjuring formal employment, which does not require more than the preparation of draft elaborately and pleading with the authorities concerned. On the other side, and to encourage writing and authoring, to be thinking in the creation of institutions for course and publication in accordance with the investment approach-combative, intending to encourage young people to research and exploration Mknunat Amazigh historical, cultural, linguistic and cultural, as well as motivate them to literary creativity in Tamazight, then the establishment of unions and links those gathered and involve custodians of scientific and cultural affairs on the face of the obligation. On the other hand, the media remains one of the key building sites for download popular Amazigh an official, under lining the siege and seasonal appeasement, should Amazigh movement to accelerate incorporation to inform alternative fills the void in the Amazigh media field and excreted by the constraints subjective and objective, the media, which provided the international network benefit (Internet) by building Web sites and powerful institution based professional, responsible and effective engagement in the Amazigh issue service, and the launch of radio stations and even television channels and electronic discourse promotes Amazigh, and know Bmknunat Amazigh history and civilization. In the incision education and in parallel, the associations Amazigh organizations teaching Tamazight and encourage the demand for them, in the context of education “popular” – as opposed to formal education – and to be proactive and aware of the magnitude of the challenges facing the Amazigh in their relationship with the child Moroccan However compulsion time. The summer camps and spring linguistic and shrines activities offered by the Ministry of Youth fabric associative, and should these tires benefit from such opportunities Amazigh favor and taught, as it is supposed to provide the Amazigh tires – even weekly – stakes in Tamazight language for the benefit of children who Aaftmon them constantly, especially in the areas -speaking, so as to link them to the emotional identity and upbringing on cherished. As Each professor benefited from the “Configure” in the Amazigh language regularly taught in the school with the need to abandon the mentality of waiting albumin encouragement and acknowledgment by any one was or of any party in that case, because that is part of the sacred duty, as well as the disposal mentality of alarm and apprehension Hoaz reprimand by trainers administrators, educators and other officials because that is part of the breach of duty and responsibility, of the fact that the Amazigh teaching is a vital need and the triumph of the spirit of reason and logic and reconciliation with the self and the realization of justice and her. The policy of procrastination and weapon Alantzarah will not Asamada if our acquisition of courage and determination with adequate Amazigh an official language of a popular download, and thus we see worthwhile to force the government and being in orbit to meet its constitutional obligations. The time has come to initiate and make our way, is supposed to inaugurate this workshop in expeditious manner without a bit of strategy and precision, especially sobriety, there is no sorrow and no fear of anybody as long as with a legal frame of reference is to the Moroccan constitution, because below it remains a political papers are subject to the logic of balances and employs a sly Machiavelli. Behooves us that are comprised in communication technologies, is worth us to build bridges and to work according to a participatory approach with all Democrats, worthy of our belief in the principle of gradual and crystallized, and when Ntmlk these capabilities we will be in the level of all the challenges undoubtedly. In conclusion, we are called upon to create a balance between cultural belonging and Alhoiati and privacy on the one hand, and of belonging to a human on the other hand are we interact with others without melting, and we have to reconcile the rational dimension and moral dimension / spiritual in we did until we win all our human resources on the difference backgrounds, Construction of rational fossil is no different in emotional thought about that Eetmty Freak and identifies with the desire, to remain rational thought open and interactive way the only option to win the bet. (*): This article is the text of the intervention that we participated in a seminar on the popular activation Amazigh an official and organized by the Africa Society for Human Rights in cooperation with the municipality of Goulmima global assembly Amazigh.]]>

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