Ekker a Miss Umazigh
Afous Ghoufous

Takaramt n teɣri

Akken ad aɣ-d-arum/t, tezemrem/t a d-taččarem/t takaramt-a swadda, neɣ ad aɣ-d-arum/t tabṛatt ɣer tensa neɣ ɣer umayl n tiddukla yellas seddaw-as. Tanemmirt.

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A Committee is organizing solidarity with the people of the Middle Atlas, threatened by the cold, abandoned by Moroccan authorities occupied rather bring solidarity to the Palestinians or Liberia.
Following the call of the Committee for Solidarity with the people of the Middle Atlas to the generosity of the Amazigh to help the people of the Middle Atlas threatened by an exceptional cold.
The Editors.
by Masin.

Calling the Solidarity Committee with the people of the Middle Atlas

The people of the Middle Atlas live an extremely difficult situation because of the exceptionally cold weather that hits the region this year. In this situation where entire populations are isolated by the snow in front of the absence of government intervention, we decided to act in the best of our ability. Especially after receiving SOS dozens of families in distress.
We ask therefore urgent financial assistance to help at least 70 families are already listed.
This action aims to reactivate a central value in Amazigh: solidarity.

Population de l'Atlas

The Committee felt that emergency needs are:

Per family:
– 4 blankets at low prices;
– 8 to 10 kg of food (dried vegetables);
– 2 loaves of sugar and a package of tea;
– 5 liters of oil.

An initial estimate puts the amount per family to 500DH (50 euros).

The operation, certainly limited because all peoples of the Middle Atlas need help right now may be the beginning of a reflection on how to implement for a long-term strategy that would make the action social framing of the Amazigh combat.

For the Solidarity Committee with the people of the Middle Atlas,

Ali Khadaoui (Option Amazigh, Rabat)
Amina Amharech (Association Acal Aït Blal, Elhajeb)
Tijani Saadani (Amghar Association Khénifra).


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