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“Politika” Amazigh film about politics after Democratic Spring

“Politika” Amazigh film about politics after  Democratic Spring

Film-Amazigh Saturday, March 21, 2015 – 08:00 television movie Moroccan rural areas Bomazegeh address, was filmed all the scenes in Nador, where he deals with the story of the tape at present subject to political practice in Morocco after the democratic spring. The film television extended to an hour and a half of time, which will be presented during the next Ramadan Amazigh channel as a product, depicts a parliamentary struggle wants to devote the status quo and a young man aspires to change, as the events and conflicts that are furnished watch exposes the mentality of some political practitioners who resist any change and seek to maintain their interests in various non-legitimate means, if it comes to rigging school evidence. The film deals with the problem of political conflict between two different generations in light of significant changes in the region and the world, “Yuba” the young man, who adopts the idea of ​​the need for democratic and peaceful and smooth transition investigation Moroccan privacy or the so-called third option, thus cutting with corruption and bribery, and work to reconcile citizens with the participating in political life under the stability and “Hamidou” Parliamentary five states and who believes that Morocco isolated from all danger and there was no need to fear, and therefore you must keep things as they are with only minor changes will not affect the political situation and its position in the parliament. This conflict will take another form, while Hamidou will discover that his wife tangent is only previous beloved political rival, who lived with her love story in the past, and that his daughter Seaman is not the biological daughter, but the daughter of rivals also, to ripples of events and conflicts through the film social drama is of a political nature and which is the first of its kind in the countryside. The film by Mohammed Bozko who share the output with Khalid excused, extend an invitation to the synthesis of political and party work and open the way for young people to engage in political work and “therefore reconciliation between the citizen and politics, especially after the aversion that record in this area,” Bozko says in a statement. And productions Tamazight-speaking, Bozko said, “No one denies that the countryside was known in the last five years productions dramatic television and film not seen in over fifty years after independence, which in spite of its modernity recorded a distinct level, portends of excellence, though, so keep a few does not exceed the Antegen best weather in the year. ” He added the spokesman, “which is a record is still weak, although the state through Althmlat books policy has expressed a desire to diversify its productions of television, the Alkuta adopted in the distribution of projects are still few and include only Tamazight channel, while the rest of the public channels do not fulfill their obligations in the subject, and the absence of clearly productions Amazigh generally rural in particular. “]]>

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