Ask Google to integrate Tamazight in Google Translate

The Amazigh people (the Berbers) were and are the native population in North Africa. They were one people which was gradually fragmented by a rich, complex and hectic history.

North Africa is the bearer of a language and culture that have crossed centuries and enriched human civilization significantly. Over 60 million people speak Tamazight language across North Africa and the Sahara-Sahel region, but also in many countries across the world like France and even Canada.

Relegated to folklore for a long time, Tamazight (Berber) culture has now the chance to further progress towards its full recognition in the digital world.

Recently, in a press release, Facebook claimed they will integrate this language in order to meet the insistent demands of the Berber-speaking community in the world. By adopting Tamazight, Facebook followed the pace taken by Microsoft, which has already integrated Tamazight language in Windows 8. (See below Facebook Tamazight: -tamazight ) Knowing that many languages that have fewer speakers (e.g. Khmer, Norwegian, Galician) are given the chance to be in Google Translate, it is Google’s turn to embrace Tamazight language and integrate it in its so helpful Google Translate (

For years, the Tamazight community has been calling for this possibility. Thus, we, associations, organizations, North African citizens, Tamazight people of the whole world and learners of Tamazight language, signatories of this appeal, ask GOOGLE to integrate Tamazight in Google Translate.

Dear Tamazight people, language lovers from all over the world, please, SIGN and SHARE massively this petition!

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