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The learning of Tamazight



Parents wishing to enroll their children in Tamazight courses for school year 2015/2016 are invited to do Registration will be on our web site by email and as follows:

– Primary: $ 10 per student resident of the province […]

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BBQ & Picnic at

Dear members of community,

The committee of parents of school Tamazight in Toronto and Hamilton would like to organize a BBQ picnic profit. Proceeds from the picnic will be used to fund trips and other activities for students of the School of Tamazight during the school year.
The proposed date is Sunday, September 9, 2015, the […]

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Tamazight di lakul Toronto and Hamilton

There was a time when children, we called our fellow emigrants who came on holiday “aroumi”. Which means simply “The French”. This name, they were not the fact that they lived in France, but because of their ignorance of the Kabyle. They expressed themselves in […]


Ass-nni Amar Mezdad

Ass-nni is the title of the new novel by Amar Mezdad, achalander came a little early Berber library. The frame is in the 90s this pivotal time in our recent history that saw the country abort the democratic hope and give birth to a tragedy. Mohand Ameziane […]

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“Bururu” the bird of the night, carrying the misery and desolation, is the name chosen by Tahar Ould Amar to titrate his first novel coming out in the Riviera edition. The author, who comes by means of this literary product, consolidate the process of affirmation of a new Amazigh literature, […]


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