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Radio Tamort

Radio Tamurt:

Radio Nafousa: Jadu 89.1 FM ; in and around Nafousa, including Tripoli.

Radio Zuwarah FM 92.5: program runs from morning till midnight, continues with Berber music through the night.

Radio Awal: Yefren 106.3 FM: .

Kabyle FM Radio:

Radio Kabyle:

Radio Numydia:

Berber TV:
In 1990s the Algerian television began broadcasting news in Tamazight language. The Berbers of Morocco have finally won the right to broadcast news in Tamazight on national TV in 1994. In 2011 Libyan Berbers began to express themselves in Tamazight after long suppression by the ousted government.

Libya Ibraren TV:
Ibraren TV and Radio Network

The first Libyan Tamazight satellite channel to broadcast from Libya. According to their Facebook page, the channel is described as a “Cultural Radio and Television Network Broadcasting”, using Tamazight, English and Arabic; and that it will commence broadcasting in the Berber new year (1/1/2962, which is the 12th of January 2012).
Channel name: Libya Ibraren TV.
Frequency: 11525 Horizontal.

Libyan Berber Media Groups:

nafousah Tadreft media group
Tadfert: Nafusa Mountain Media Group: videos and documentaries from Jado Media, Yefren Media, Rujban Media, and Nalut Media.

BRTV Berber Television:

BRTV berber tv

1, ter rue du Marais,
Montreuil, F-93100

Kabyle TV:

Kabyle Berber TV

Amazigh TV: the Amazigh TV satellite channel, also known as t’itt’aween n Imazighen (the eyes of the Berbers), began broadcasting from Holland in 13/01/2007. Web address:; see poster below for actual address and telephone number.


Amazigh (Berber) Television was created in January 2000, to make Berber culture known to the world: animated drawings, documentaries, history, entertainment, political news, films and sport. Contact:

Service Diffusion
97, street of Seek Midi
75006 Paris
Tel: 01 44 07 15 80
Fax: 01 40 51 79 16
Service Communication
Tel: 01 44 07 15 80
Fax: 01 40 51 79 16

Channel 8 (‘Tamazight’), Morocco:

channel 8 Tamazight tv
Image: a screeshot of

channel 8 Tamazight, Morocco

The television channel has recently produced one of its most popular shows, namely Assarag n Imezyanen, hosted by two youngsters from Alhoceima city: Yassin Errahmouni and Asmahane Elyamani. The show aims to educate and entertain children and teenagers, via five episodes:

Laboratoire (laboratory)
Cyber (Internet)
Mawahib (talents)
Reportage (report)
Nilesat: Position 7° West
Frequency: 11765 Mhz
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC: 5/6
Polarisation: horizontal

Hotbird: Position 13° East
Frequency: 10872 Mhz
Symbol Rate: 27500
3/4 FEC
Polarisation: vertical


Toumast: a Tuareg TV station

Station: Toumast
Polarisation: Horizontal
Frequency: 11137 Mhz
Symbol Rate: 27500

A new Tamaheqt (or Berber Tuareg) TV station will begin its transmission from Paris on the 22nd of July 2014. Having fed up with the biased coverage provided by government-dominated media outlets, the Berbers of the Sahara have finally decided to speak for themselves. The station will broadcast its programs in Tamazight (or Berber language) as well as other languages including French and Arabic. The station will focus on Berber Saharan culture – the oldest civilisations in the world, and Tuareg political problems, imposed upon them by the various invaders of the Sahara including the recent colonial intruders.

First Berber Television Series:

A doctor living in the capital Algiers moves back to the Kavyle capital, but his wife could not stand the new life in a Berber society away from the busy Algiers. She returned while he stayed. Left alone and lonely the husband fell in love with another woman and married again. Problems began to appear, and so the saga continues.

First TV saga in berber

Tamazight (Berber) Films:
berber film festival
Image from:

berber film festival
Image from:
Berber Films Festival:
23rd of September 23 2010, 18:30 HH, at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, Spiegel Auditorium.

The Los Angeles Amazigh film Festival was invited by the French Chamber of Commerce to take part in the Los Angeles International Film Festival 2010. A 17-minute montage of photography by the Kabyle Belaid Maouche on Kabylia, and a video montage of Tamazgha by Helene Hagan were selected for the festival under the tilte of Azul Imazighen.

Keenan Tuareg film information

Douarnenez festival

Reefer and the Model (Berber Films), 1988.
Celtic Media Festival Winners 1980 – 2010

Baya’s Mountain

Watch at:
Adrar n Baya (Baya’s Mountain; La montagne de Baya): the Award-winning Kabyle film, directed by Ezeddin Madour, Algeria. North African Film Festival, 2011.
See the following image from
a berber film win award in Tunis


Machaho: Kabyle film.
Watch at:

Source: (

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