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Tamazgha (North Africa)

“Political systems do not understand that lover of Amazigh civilization, there overwhelmingly a language to which they must not only the respect but also the fact to redeem the various plans” According to the site, the father of the little Numidya confirms the acceptance and registration by the administration of Numidya name chosen for his little girl. On this happy occasion, we present the bottom of our heart our sincere congratulations to the parents of little Numidya to which we wish a long life full of prosperity. Our deep fraternal congratulations to early Numidya parents for this determination to want to choose a pre-strain name amazighe.A remember that Numidya as other original names Amazigh is the romanized form of N-Midden. The term N-Midden, counted among the living words, practiced since ancient times until today. It consists of N “preposition (of)” + Midden “Madd plural meaning pastor / person.” The plural Midden, whose singular Madd gone, means, in the synchronic state of Tamazight, people, public, people …
In this explanatory context, the term madd, Tamazight, diachronically speaking means “shepherd, who guides the flocks moving.” French terms had borrowed “nomadic” and English “nomad” in Tamazight and, as conveyed the sense and meaning “that moves, which has no fixed domain …”.

We just put your finger on one of the issues faced by Amazigh if conscious Amazigh (Timmuzgha). The will is manifested each time to disappear the names provided by the Amazigh language, and with them the reason to exist. It is also a hemorrhage, especially, had been caused since the very early days of the advent of the Arab North Africa (Tamazgha). So to speak, the Amazigh descendants are found today between the anvil of political systems and hammer Tamazgha pan-Arabists puppet that dictate these powers their Arabism. By continuing to suffer the vagaries of bureaucracy, many Amazigh households are unable to give Amazigh pre-strain names to their newborns! Often provides parents with pre-names (“izarismawen” pl. Of “azarisem”) not only to foreign-sounding but also incomprehensible. Moreover, all these obstacles still continue to fuel controversy unhealthy and catastrophic marginalization. In one of his most vicious pranks, the senior official of Morocco Home Affairs, Idris Bajdi expressly states: “We forbid Berber names because they are contrary to our identity and because they open the door to the distribution of meaningless names. “What was he talking about identity? From that was prefabricated in denial and behind the scenes, and as the famous model who obeys a “junior history” that had its beginnings there 14 centuries that. All that is prior to that time is regarded that as nothing, if not insignificant. No one can erase millennia of existence of an entire people. These officials continue to attempt freedoms of Amazigh to enjoy their identity (tanettit) the deepest and this without worrying about the impact of these scabrous and gross violations of Amazigh. On the one hand we wanted to prove the unprovable while ignoring the deepest Amazigh scope of the country believed to be his, and on the other hand was scared to open the door to the spread of Amazigh names whose meanings, it seems, escape these amazighophobes. What do you become when they are believed to have held the four truths, and that all that is outside its scope brain is only nothingness and insignification? Having established by the administration official list of a number of so-called pre-Amazigh names tolerated is itself a blackmail and a fatal diminution of Tamazight that can provide an unlimited number of pre-names. Instead of talking about a number of tokens Amazigh, one should just mention the Amazigh language itself. Prohibit newborns Amazigh to have pre-Amazigh names is an image that reflects the way to the Amazigh offspring under the influence of Arabism and the blind under the control of the hegemonic powers that be, forgetting that want to give pre-Amazigh names to their children is an individual consciousness that naturally includes a part of the collective consciousness. By these bans, we are willing to try to erase a Amazigh identity that continues to break free. It is also a blatantly deny the Amazigh any right to difference and freedom to choose their own names and pre-names! It appears that the wearing of a pre-name is very scary to these political systems. They know that a pre-name is also a factor and a strong sign of identity. The political powers that be know that a good pre-Amazigh name can also carry a deep historical meaning and values and remember symbols (izmulen) Historical such as massinsen (massinissa) yugerten (jugurtha) takfarinas, n-midden (Numidia) Afulay (Apuleius) Damia (Kahina) Uw Tumert (Ibn Toumart) Ziri Mennad Ag (Ibn Ziri Mennad) tanefzawit (Zainab) …

How many Amazigh are now pre-names / Arabic names without knowing their semantic laid? However, other give their children pre-nominal content degrading and demeaning. The fact that Amazigh be part of a family, a community of families … and a social entity, it is essential to differentiate it from other individuals. So there must be identifiable from its birth, and generally for all his life by his pre-name and, with a public service to develop a document recording a fact of life. An Amazigh name symbolizes an existence to various linguistic, historical and social …. And it is also a collective memory. No country can function without respect for the social heritage and promoting the language of his people, which is also reflected in the names of tribes, families, individuals … and places. In addition, a name is a way to connect his children to his ancestors, history, and give it a memory that lasts as well as a human life, its culture and its deepest identity, although this remains a pre-name. Amazigh because a child has a pre-name from the Amazigh language is attached by the umbilical cord to the mother country (Tamazgha) that gave it birth, and later it will give a great effect to also be very proud!
A name / pre-name has a complementary but essential function is to record the information on a wealth Tamazgha (Barbary or country of Amazigh), the company that created it, about the events that led to its birth and its dissemination. A tribal name, family, self … or artist is the best ambassador for the popular consciousness. It is also upstream and downstream of this awareness. The country (Tamazgha / tamurt / akkal / tamazirt …) as Amazigh that inhabit it, is deep as well as the depth of its existence dates back to prehistoric times. In addition, a name / pre-name is the language of the territory. Being custodian of various information on one of the components of the individual personality, family and community planning, a name / name can pre-deliver, by its semantic content and its cultural cachet, information that says the country into its facets , tells her story, accepts its beauties and hopes. Like humans, anthroponyms also have a history. They also have a function as an identification tool. What we can see a name and / or pre-name is the extension and the continuity of existence. Look up the meaning of a name, it’s also time travel and language. Beyond its container, which is fascinating in a name is its symbolic character and his inspiration, his aesthetic and sound criteria, its spatial existence and its cultural cachet.

As for complications especially hindering the pre-nominal situation / Nominal Tamazgha including many pre-names and surnames are of Arabic linguistic origin that may be issued at least 3 observations:
The status of oral Tamazight language in all its variants topolectales has greatly hindered the possibility of exploiting this language using among others opt for pre-names / Amazigh names. Written language has among others a linear character and a great spread of power.
The long centuries of contact with Arabic and ignorance of the Arabian elite mechanisms and rules Tamazight, and its tendency to explain the Amazigh words with Arabic it controls exclusively, has further complicated the onomastics location .dropoff window This elite everywhere and all the time noisy, assimilated and integrated, having subjected the phonetic transformations and, subsequently, semantic, many Amazigh terms (see for example the book: HISTORY BERBERES Ibn Khaldun). For example, it has in many cases instead of beni transcribed at / AYT mezghenna instead of imazighen, Meghraoua instead of imgharen El-Kahina and Ed-Dehia instead of Damia (Tadmayt) moqrani instead of amuqran / muqran … the list is very long.

The exploitation of religion in the service of Arabic, marginalization and inferiority of the Amazigh language and culture by arranging them among the remains of folklore, in the name of a “utopian idea” that we has magically out of his thought, and, from the beginning, is not based on facts or real or scientific or religious. To date, these prohibitions are still part of the practices of political powers Tamazgha. These are ideological approaches that include that which is Amazigh as an inferior and subordinate class. So many great makers still follow a limbic brain that produces the clashes and state of sterile and sterilizing antagonism. Impose Amazigh not to pre-Amazigh names can compare to revenue of domination by the Romans, Byzantines … and lately the French had already tried unsuccessfully. One has to reduce and destroy the linguistic, social, cultural specific to North Africa, uses force, ideologies, politics … and chimeric concepts. And this we now cost very expensive.

The powers that be continue to give proof of their myopia forgetting that Amazigh societies define themselves by their language among others, their personalities and their collective memory, their values and their story … their cultures and worldviews. Not only the history of Amazigh is hidden and freedom is impeded, the political authorities generally try to impose a model that serves the occult interests and devious, material and worldly. The past, and even this is often misrepresented, distorted, falsified and to justify, arrange, and plotting a reality and that, far from a humanitarian perspective, objective, rational and lucid. It is known that artificial packaging, handling social values and symbols as well as the function of legitimizing the guidelines are partly under the professional demagoguery. There the social action guidelines are adopted, imposed and minds of citizens who do not generally understand the issues affecting their future and their future, become an easy prey. Once the company’s values and symbols are manipulated and scrubbed, it becomes difficult for the company to control its future. The significance of ethnocide practices and advocating mediocrity very negatively influences the social dynamics. In a mystical and inhuman momentum that is not based on actual fact, it is very misleading to state that it is a national interest. In fact, the reverse is true. It is rather excessive standardization and forced assimilation that alienate the company’s people by forcing them to be what they are not. In this context, it is more than ever time to call in divorce with this mythical and utopian world, even if it is real that a movement called “Arab-Baathist” was established on the land with the help of Tamazgha his pushy attitude that mobilize thousands of people to support injustice, without these people do help each other. Blind support of Arab-Ba’thism unfortunately imported and propagated unconsciously intolerance, stereotypes and violence against innocent people. But every antithesis there is a thesis.

Until today, political systems fail to understand that lover of Amazigh civilization, there overwhelmingly a language to which they must not only the respect but also the fact to redeem the various planes. This language has always practice the imazighen (all topolectes) is not only a communication tool, it also reflects a perception of a world, it is also an essential vehicle of value systems and cultural expressions as it is an important determinant of the Amazigh identity (tanettit Tamazight) companies and individuals. The Amazigh language is used too, so both objective and symbolic, to form individuals and societies as a whole. And then the individual, forged in the mold of its language and culture, can no longer be attached to this language and culture that produced it under pain of alienation. The mother tongue of Amazigh is a colossal container containing a huge range of content; and if one destroys this basic container, it will inevitably neither the container or its contents. And There can be only the end of a part of humanity. Without going into details, the political systems in North Africa fall in flagrant contradiction to “recognize” the Amazigh culture and civilization and, at the same time denying the language factor which are dependent on this culture and civilization or the Amazigh people. It is dangerous not to try to understand, but it is more dangerous not to say what we think. Instead of destroying, it is well built. Instead of engaging in slander and bring gross violation of others, it is vital and indispensable, in our universe, which is indeed plural, cultivate tolerance, because “the issues of pluralism tend increasingly to become part of the tasks and puzzles of human civilization. “So this is a chance to meet up in North Africa with a plurality of languages, including the Amazigh language is the oldest, most permanent and most able to propel the North African world. Liveliness, dynamism and the see now our living-speaking, compared to powerful civilizations that collapsed, an exceptional fact. After many trials and resistance against the vicissitudes against the invaders from all sides with servo intentions, assimilation and hegemonism, the Amazigh world stands more than ever standing, and the base is only more solid.

The big problem now posed is how to permanently stop the exploitation of Arabic at indiscriminately to humanely destroy the anti-Amazigh world as a considerable part of humanity. Educationally, when one is in bad faith and of very poor “training” when one does what one does not say everything can exploit. Many who preached a hue and cry totalitarian Arabization took good care to make it in filthy and worldly interests. Chauvinism for Arabic becomes a religious duty. However, and according to the most fundamental precepts of Islam, the Muslim religion is above all languages, including of course that of the Arabs. What happens to the world when one is task to subjugate Islam in Arabic? The strength and both very sensitive chauvinism Arabist is the use of religious feeling the deepest. The Arabism and Islam merge to no more than a single identity marker. The idea that many Amazigh are Muslim Arab is so old already! there was also held to discuss that following the European colonization of the Americas, European missionaries were trying to teach the Indians that God does not like Indian languages because they were satanic and other chimeras After … some centuries, these Indian languages have almost completely disappeared. The “sacred initiatory ideas” constituted by the myths and stories of a legendary and utopian ethos will never be achievable. There rupture increasingly evident is observed between the Arabian caste and current generations or future. Proponents of Arabism, for their position, are led to various plans to devalue the Amazigh language, switch roles and try to break up the riches based on a knowledge that the source is always the contents of linguistic container. In this sense, the “Arabist” school based on blind religious sentiment in the Arab domination, rote learning and recitation fatal, trying to maintain order and a calamitous state of ignorance, generates confusion between which is initiation and knowledge as science. In their efforts, social transmission processes are likely to destroy for the kingdom of the blind whose eyed man is king happens to be well founded. The Arabist (Amazigh or Arabic) who live physically on earth Amazigh are attached morally, linguistically, historically and culturally to the Arab East. These must stop cum doubt and cultivate stereotyping. It is necessary to mention the Amazigh existence as it really is, not as amazighophobes relate it and learn it. Yes, the most bitter enemies even pre-linguistic stock Amazigh names continue to shout saying everything and anything and this, to be able to convince the name of a hollow ideal and invented surplus, the futility of working for ethnocide Amazigh ends. Pan-Arab does not just meet to ban pre-Amazigh names, they even Arabized names of the dead! Amazigh reality to social, language and culture will not disappear. Things are going back to nature, and this is already shown by history. So this existence is already decided and determined by history. As the atomic bomb “Little Boy” that could not even destroy the city of Hiroshima, all exploited weapons and inventing political powers will never be able to exterminate the Amazigh.

Islamically speaking, when it will make sense when these people or Arabized Amazigh amazighophobes accept the reality that the Tamazight language God of heaven and earth created in His divine wisdom is not mediocrity; when no longer ashamed of his origins, when will be proud of its authentic and profound history, including pre-Islamic times, we can begin to talk about development and prosperity. The powers omit the essential and do not learn much about history. Here we go next to the plate. We forget that unlike living species, languages can be resurrected. You only need to wake them and, like Sleeping Beauty. In the 1920s, when the diaspora spoke Yiddish and Judesmo, Hebrew was counted among the dead languages and has been for more than two and a half millennia long. Despite this, a huge commitment is expressed, it was that of resuscitation. And everything was matter of a few decades. Currently even science is taught nuclear Hebrew.
Denied the right to give to his offspring pre-Amazigh names and being a right is including a condemnation of ancestors who fought for their ancestry or their offspring.
Political systems deny, if not omit the behavior of Amazigh vis-à-vis them is a logical and natural manifestation of their disastrous policies. Until further notice, especially policy makers, in a spirit of suicidal closure, do not measure the severity of the consequences of their policies. To secure Tamazight including the right to have a pre-Amazigh name, new constitutional status should arrive to rectify their dual political and legal value this great historical injustice suffered by the Amazigh. Thus it will allow the Amazigh language to benefit honestly and without any human cunning, legal, material, financial and moral states Tamazgha. Tamazight is not only a great story, but also an identity on. It is also more than essential that the existence of Tamazgha States is linked to the fate in the future and vitality of the Amazigh language. Any State Tamazgha is called to understand that if one likes to destroy his people, he is already condemned its own disappearance and pure; and if applicable seriously save his people by developing Tamazight, it will eventually flourish and also maintain more than the nature and identity of the people are met. This is already confirmed by history. The Amazigh people is since the beginning of time there, while all political systems have come to power have steadily eventually disappear (taking turns). To release the political systems of a dead end, they only have one and only choice is the one to admit the existence of Tamazight used by tens of millions.

This idea will be confirmed and more in the near future. It is a socio-historical and geo-cultural proven necessity requirement, even geostrategic. However, make Tamazight a development tool and emancipation remains a civic duty. With this in mind and in addition what is done methodically in other ways such as education, mass media … the associative movement and claim Amazigh, it can be suggested at the individual level as follows:

1. Use the Amazigh language in its various topolectes and maximum settings (family, social, administrative … including interdialectal), for the simple logic that (e) can not be qu’amazighe Amazigh.
2. Instill her children proud to be Amazigh and Tamazight use in daily life.
3. Learn to his offspring to be fully aware of its language, its history and strategic issues. Not to push his tongue disappearance, Assistant Director-General of Unesco Françoise Rivière advised to be proud to speak their language.
4. Produce in Tamazight and Tamazight.
5. Think you need to make life and Tamazight Tamazight for Life (Tudert Tmazight i, i TUDERT Tamazight).
6. Encourage multiple planes exchanges between Amazigh from all regions of Tamazgha.
7. Avoid using between different regions Amazigh language other than topolectes Amazigh, even if we can only understand other variants as hers, without being able to speak them.
8. convinced that the essential way to save Tamazight is to write it, and all the blessings of Tamazight is the technology. But it speaks to a larger scale, it is also a great and true will, a colossal collective desire and true.
9. Claiming constantly Tamazight teaching in all countries Tamazgha. This is the big door that can eradicate the disappearance of Tamazight claws.
10. Occupy schools Tamazight, if these schools are involved in Tamazight and Imazighen uproot.
The maturity of the Amazigh continues to confirm … the rest will come … Once the proper sense of identity to all Amazigh was born, it will benefit Tamazight. The rest becomes virtually only a matter of time, without forgetting that the real answer to the Amazigh language issue is also economic. However Tamazight save more than ever a political awareness as recognize Tamazight has to go through the political terrain. A State to assume Amazighité of his people who not restricted only to the Amazigh language and culture, must apply to the affirmation of human dignity and the deepest identity of the people. This identity has indeed taken root in its great civilization attested from the most distant prehistory. This is not a choice, it is a duty to perform. It would be useful to specify that instead that the political powers are tackling their citizens, it is better that they address the causes of political macabre. When is that political systems that include addressing the consequences will only push the situation to the irreparable? The Amazigh language is, in the eyes of the “enemies of Tamazight” all tendencies that regional and sub-human particularism without any consideration, except that of the inferiority of choking and loss .dropoff window So for the Amazigh today and tomorrow, the big question boils down to the idea of being or disappear. The Amazigh engineering manufactures instruments that have their own existence, and Tamazight is what is most human. For this reason enough defense. Tamazight as an autonomous language and communication tool since prehistoric periods remains that all Imazighen decide to do. If one is content to save Tamazgha, we will eventually save himself, if one is content to save oneself, one will end up not saving Tamazgha and it will be the loss of oneself even.

The struggle for Amazigh identity is a long struggle. Each day has its share of achievements, and the rest is only a matter of time. The militant (s) (imeghnasen / timeghnasin) are on the path of resistance and affirmation of the Amazigh identity. The peaceful struggle continues and successful Amazigh will not that arriving.

Amazigh, Tamazight d Tmazgha ilin ad!
Live Amazigh, Tamazight and Tamazgha!
Tamazight for all, all for Tamazight!

Nat Mzab

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fatima Yabaaamrant 2015 Makh Issm Amazigh

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