Afous Ghoufous

Kker AMMIS Umazigh..attij nnegh yulid …

ღ ஐ ღ CHILDREN AMAZIGH by the group DJURDJURA ღ ஐ ღ with integrated TRANSLATION

A DERYA U Mazigh (children or offspring of Amazigh), elevated to singing hymn of…


Welcome Membership base
Membership base:

Members who have a family income pays $ 25 per year per adult;
The following members do not pay their membership fees:
Students Unmarried (Those married, whose husband (is) working, paying their dues).
Seniors (Golden Age)
Non-resident parents visitors
Benefits of been a member

The main objectives and some benefits of this association are as follows:

Supporting teaching Amazigh in the (G.T.A) Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton region about the teaching of Amazigh language, the acquisition of educational resources, seminars, symposia, conferences and contacts with the school board (international languages department) and all other matters.

Contribute to the creation of cultural groups (music, dance, theater) and sports teams and organize cultural gatherings and sporting events (while the financial, human resources (human, financial, human resources and other are permitting)

Organize meetings and family excursions to allow members of our community to get to know each other and to strengthen their ties.

Promoting and apportioning the Amazigh language and culture in our region.

Foster and cultivate friendship, networking and solidarity between members.

Celebrate events relating to the history and the Amazigh culture and civilization.

Participate and contribute to the integration and adaptation of new immigrants of Amazigh origin in the host society by providing them with information and assistance required in their efforts to installation process.

Consolidation and development of the Amazigh community ties of friendship and solidarity among its members.

Contributions and benefactions.

Grants administrations concerned (governments and local authorities).

All donations and different contributions are not subject to any refunds nor returns, negotiable or conditioned. They may however be predetermined to a goal or a specific activity.

All additional resourced funds (contributions and other donations) are acceptable after the reviewed approval of the majority of the board members.

Business’s products.

Maintain and defend the objectives of the association in all circumstances.

To comply with these articles of this association.

Members ACASO must not engage in activities or develop ideas that oppose:

•Strict and total compliance with the Canadian Laws.
•Respect for human rights as defined by the Canadian Charter of Rights and the principle of respect for all members of diverse Canadian society.

To comply with decisions taken by the Board of Directors.

All members ACASO should not belong to any foreign political, religious or other cultural, organizations whose objectives and/or conflicting interests with those of the ACASO, in particular the promotion of Amazigh culture.

To commonly attend association reunions (general meetings) and activities. It organizes.

To demonstrate honesty, integrity, loyalty, faithfulness and full trustworthiness with respect to the association.

Members must be aged 18 years and older.

To Pay your membership dues / contributions.

Having conduct themselves in accordance and compliance with democratic principles.

To demonstrate openness, forthrightness and tolerance.

Anyone of our members shall receive the benefits the association provides to its members.

Any members associating to the CA wanting to withdraw, he or she must do so in writing, within a reasonable notification to the President who shall inform the AC’s Board members.


1. The main creation objective for this Association ACASO:
For the teaching of the Amazigh language and to become international at the G.T.A (The Greater Toronto Area) Board of Education (Hamilton region District School Board – OCDSB), it is the community that language exists in the province, it is structured, organized and undertakes to assist the board in the promotion, development, enhancement and teaching of the language.
This is the main reason for the creation of ACASO G.T.A (Greater Toronto Area) and Hamilton region Amazigh Cultural Association)

2. The relations between the school n tmazight and the association:
The ACASO is the official partner of the G.T.A (Greater Toronto Area) and Hamilton Boards of Education (G.T.A School Board and Hamilton) and represents the Amazigh community concerning the education n tmazight at these boards.
The ACASO with the School Boards of education is committed to fulfill all its tasks to organize, promote, enhance and develop the education n tmazight.
ACASO o is also responsible for recruiting Tamazight teachers.
Under the rules described in the charter of the association and the composition of the Board, the ACASO a member of the board with special responsibility for education n tmazight. It is representative of the association (called Community Rep-representative of the community ) to liaise with DSB.

3. The management of this association:
The activities of the Association are managed by a Board of Directors (BoD) of seven members, elected by simple majority for two years by the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. Board members demonstrate independence of judgment and objectivity in decision making. They are based on the charter of the association and the benefits of decisions to the goals of the association.

4. The benefits of being a member of the ACASO association:
These are some of the following benefits:
The opportunity to contribute to the common objective of promoting the Amazigh culture and the important harmonious integration of our community members in Canadian society
The opportunity to build relationships with members of our community
To celebrate events relating to the history and the Amazigh Culture
The opportunity to participate in cultural groups (theatre, music, singing, dance, poetry, arts and crafts…)
To service our community by helping ACASO organization to achieve its goals.
Your suggestions and Expressions have a mechanism in your opinions influencing vision / directions of the organization
Participate in meetings and family outings to allow members of our community to get to know and to strengthen their ties
Be informed of what is happening in our community here in Canada
To take advantage of free admission to the (majority) events organized by our association

5. Responsibilities and duties as a member of the ACASO association:
ACASO The association has identified three priorities that drive daily actions:
-Promotion of Amazigh culture in Southern Ontario.
-Support the Amazigh education in The G.T.A (The Greater Toronto Area) as well as Hamilton regions.
-To coordinate the harmonious integration of community members in Canadian society.
In order to accomplish these three principal objectives the unquestionable support of our community members is required. Each member must contribute as much as he or she can to reach and achieve common objectives.

Practical information:

To participate in one of the committees who works on a specific goal (committee of parents, cultural or sports events, web site etc.).
Assist on the Board of Directors (CA) to be part in decision-making that help the association to function and to develop enhanced strategies to promote the association and encourage the participation of its members
Make sure to bring your children to n tmazight school every Saturday
Continuous support teaching tmazight, it is a fact that learning begins long before the child enters school. This is the parents responsibility to demonstrate a genuine interest in education n tmazight and support their children in this school (speaking Tamazight at home, teaching our history, reading stories, tales in Tamazight, listening to Amazigh music at home, talk about our culture, volunteering at school to help a teacher, etc..). Been exposed to this environment the children do make more effort to learn Tamazight
Must pay its membership fees in time as required.
Contrubute by Making a donation to the association
To volunteer your time to help organizing different activities of the association (Yennayer celebration, commemoration Tafsut Imazighen, celebrating the anniversary of the ACASO and school, film club, dancing and chatting)
Attending and participating in General Meetings of the association
Participate in the Improvement of your website content (s)
To help member’s encouragement who volunteer in CA and committees.

6. The memberships fees money and budget spending.
We project that ACASO will spend an average of 50% of its annual budget to support the teaching of Tamazight language, for the purchase of extracurricular activities, educational resources, year-end gifts. Approximately 40% of the annual budget is allocated to spending nights (classroom rental costs and consumables).

7. The percentage of members who pay their memberships fees.
Members who have a family income must pay $ 25 per year per adult. Only 70% of members pay their memberships. The other remaining 30% are students, members with no income and seniors (golden age).

8. The membership fees renewals.
Members are the vitality of the association ACASO and our community. The money from the membership fees is used for the operation cost of the association, promoting the Amazigh culture in the G.T.A, (The Greater Toronto Area) as well as Hamilton and supporting uguerbaz n tmazight … hence the importance of renewing its members memberships. L’ACASO can renew their membership fees in 2016 when the activities of the association celebration of the anniversary of the ACASO (December), celebrating Yennayer (January), commemorating Tafsut Imazighen (April)) or can send by mail a check for $ 25 per adult on behalf of the ACASO (contact ACASO to get the address where to mail the cheque).

9. Members who wants to celebrate the Yennayer evening celebration only must pay ($ 10 entry), witout been the association member avoiding to pay the($ 25 membership fee) This is a personal decision to make on your morals and principals …

If it is a question of financial resources then ACASO allows people without income to join the association without paying anything.

The membership fee ($25) cost is reasonable and vital for the success of our association as well as vital for our community and beyond the membership’s payment dues, the members must share the common vision and objectives of the association, associating to a principle of community life by joining our eternal struggle to keep our language and culture standing.

Please remember that your participation can ma make a big difference for our community…!


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