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HCA Organization: Draft Criminal Code aimed for “restriction of freedom” of Moroccans

HCA Organization: Draft Criminal Code  aimed for “restriction of freedom” of Moroccans

images0LOLM04W Still reactions and opinions different about the draft criminal law, submitted by the Ministry of Justice and freedoms, the national public opinion, to discuss its provisions and different contents, are continuing between support and criticism, which sometimes reaches as far as accusing the draft of seeking to “Dashnh” Moroccan society. This charge and other reported Organization Tamaynout, in the statement reached by Hespress, followed by holding its eighth session in Agadir, where confirmed that “the content of the draft criminal law aimed at confiscation of individual and collective freedoms, and the imposition of trusteeship on the citizens, and Dashnh Moroccan society.” She Organization Tamaenot Amazigh, within the same session, which took place under the slogan “a real and genuine integration of the Amazigh in the educational system,” extreme rejected what it called a “restriction of freedom of Moroccan citizens policy, and the imposition of guardianship”, describing the draft as “backward”, and demand that the state greater freedoms “. Turning the organization to the court ruling said that the text of the “mass displacement of static” Tadoart “group Dararkh of Agadir Adautnan, from their land which inherited from their ancestors, before Atramy by foreign colonial power”, criticizing what it called the “forced displacement of the Amazigh by the Moroccan state.” And on an earlier criticism along the lines, the organization “Tamaynout” denounced what it called “the accumulation of frequent landslides and serious state of Morocco in the field of human rights”, striking example suppression of demonstrations and sit-ins and marches, and all protest forms for peaceful body of human rights in Morocco, “according to the expression. He criticized the same source said the “continuation of the Moroccan government in disregard policy to respond to the demands of the Amazigh movement, and pass a law to activate the official HCA character, befitting her as a language and as a culture and civilization, and the exclusion of actor Amazigh by many state institutions.” And directed organization “Tamaynout” arrows of criticism also to the Supreme Council for Education and Training, where she said that “finished on the principles that are an essential input and a key prerequisite for the promotion of Amazigh teaching, through what was expressed by the recommendations of the Strategic Report, when he attended the teaching of Amazigh only primary level.” Turning to the subject of the statement recording Amazigh names, citing that “these names are still subject to the prohibition and prevention, despite the reassuring statements made by the government,” and urged the state legally and practically on the release of Moroccan citizens the right to nominate their children Amazigh names of authentic “.]]>

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