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Enashnash: The government is not making a serious effort to activate the official Amazigh

Enashnash: The government is not making a serious effort to activate the official   Amazigh

Mohammed Enashnash Saturday, April 11, 2015 – 12:15 Mohammed Enashnash, the president of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights, criticized the way the government deal with the issue of Amazigh, after the quotation in the Constitution of 2011 as an official language alongside Arabic, saying that the government is not making a serious effort to activate the official character of the HCA. Enashnash cited, on the sidelines of a seminar organized by the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights on the theme of “the realization of human rights and fulfilled: any approaches to any contexts,” the government did not act on what it said about the 2011 Constitution of the Amazigh, including simple procedures. He pointed out that the Amazigh language is still absent inside the trains, stations and airports, saying that “the train travelers hear a foreign language (French) and Arabic, nor hear the Tamazight language, despite the addition of the Amazigh language will not cost them a CD-ROM is no more status.” Enashnash requested the Ministry of Equipment and Transport to respect the requirements of the Constitution on the operationalization of the official character of the Amazigh, calling to add to the Amazigh Arabic and French to guide Almstamlten travelers in airports and train stations, as well as inside the aircraft and trains. Addressing the head of the Democratic Organization of Labor and Transport Minister, saying “that does not cost anything, and even if you want to help you, we are ready for that,” At a time when the government did not activate the laws regulators for HCA, after more than three years on the demarcated constitutionally Alenchenash said “there is no intention for it “. On the other hand Enashnash considered that the Constitution of 2011, “good”, but, he added that the failure to activate a number of complementary regulatory laws to the requirements of the Constitution makes it applies the popular proverb, “resulted in the mountain birth to a mouse.” Enashnash stressed that the Constitution of 2011 and that was good, but that is not enough, and activate a good activation required “to understand the spirit of open-minded,” and added, “If we let the Constitution wooden language that could be understood by every one as he pleases, and this will lead to an ongoing community conflict, as is case for abortion law. ” In return Tnoiha constitutional document, Enahnash expressed that Moroccan Organization for Human Rights not satisfy on the status of Moroccan society, especially with regard to the right to access to education, health and justice, expressing concern the organization issue continued operation of small children, saying, “These children are the men of tomorrow, and they should be in school, otherwise there will be no community list. ” Enashnash criticized continuing disparity between citizens and Moroccan citizens and inequality, including in access to basic services, especially the health and education, pointing out that there are Moroccan nationals are classified in the box (a), and the citizens are classified in degree (j), “and not the degree of (b) only” , according to Enashnash expression. He said the stability experienced by Morocco can not continue unless constantly process of reforms, “The deadlock means back to back, while the continuation of the reforms is the one who will give the continuation of stability in which we live today, and strengthens democracy.”]]>

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