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“Bashir Sahraoui” in an exclusive interview for “Al Chourouq Online” Pyramids of Algeria .. Hundreds of hidden thought secrets !

“Bashir Sahraoui” in an exclusive interview for “Al Chourouq Online”  Pyramids of Algeria .. Hundreds of hidden thought secrets !

Al Chourouk Online: Complete-Shirazi 04/14/2015 (Last Updated: 04/14/2015 at 22:00 ) Cheskalh for a number of pyramids for wall Image: (H. M) “Bashir Sahraoui” writer and researcher, for a hundred Algerian pyramid still uknown in the shade, and attributes the lack of a desert reputation for this Algerian pyramids along the lines of the Egyptian counterparts, to what he calls the “blackout hidden powers.” In a lengthy interview singled out the “Al Chourouk Online”, notes the “Sahraoui” the fact that the Pyramids of Algeria is the strongest in the world with regard to the transfer of power, however, surprised by negligence, which kills this heritage, and what he calls ” individually some of these secrets. ” Followed the full text of the interview: What about the fact that the pyramids in Algeria? There are many pyramids scattered along Algeria, the Pyramids of extraordinary, from the regions of Tipaza, Batna, leading to the pyramids existing Valley Altavenh in Tlemcen, as well as 13 pyramid suburb of the State of Tiaret Faranda, if I counted all the pyramids of Algeria, we came to being outweigh percent. Bachir Sahraoui Historically, the issue extends to the pre-Christ Jesus, where there was Algerian West Region kings at the top of the emirates are scattered here and there, and the effects and features of these Amazigh Kings, the Pyramids of Wall curiosities that hide the secrets of many symbols not yet researchers Prospectors Algerians and foreigners come to set forth solving secrets and cracking cases. What is the health of the construction of these pyramids, which impressed a lot of effects and explorers scientists, before the birth of Christ, peace be upon him? They are likely to have been built in the same period in which the pyramids of Egypt were built at Giza (Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure) and varying little in time, and is the wall (a) is the oldest among all dating back to the fifth century AD. The first pyramid was built in Egypt, is a pyramid Josar 5 thousand years BC – then the pyramid of Cheops falling within the seven wonders, while the Imazighen (Berbers) who built the pyramids, they have a very large civilization, the pyramids were built before Christ, was found on the murals of these pyramids found Codes Greek indicate a relationship between Imazighen (Berbers) and the ancient Greeks, the Greeks did not deal with any people. These pyramids located 30 km from the city of Tiaret, the two groups apart from each other by 6 km, and the mountain named “Mount Khadr” There are three pyramids board (a b c) and Jebel Arawi there are ten other classified (w to u) ranging from a square base between 12:00 and 46 pm and at altitudes of up to 18 meters. Specialize rang alarm bells depending on the state of the pyramids amid French allegations questioning the pyramids wall .. Indeed, many of these pyramids are vulnerable to vandalism, theft and extinction, so it is in an advanced state of deterioration grandfather Amazigh Pyramid-1 For what you referred to, says French researcher, “Rooney Pierre” in his research vague and irrational “the dark ages of the Maghreb,” which from the beginning of the Roman invasion to the Islamic conquest. This researcher biased hidden and secret destinations, wants to impress the people that the era of the Amazigh was primitive and naive and Roman civilization are the ones who came to North Africa and inferred the existence of some Latin inscriptions on the walls of this unique pyramids of its kind. He also said, “Pierre,” that the wall (a) is the tomb of the ruler of a great Roman rule the region and established by Imran adorable, but a constellation of researchers and Akpoa correct date and reliable, and proved that these pyramids back construction to thousands of years and is the oldest monuments of North Africa. Great historian “Ibn Khaldun,” said: Ibn slave of Cyrene, a historian and geographer and explorer Arabic Moroccan for Mansour that he saw in the expedition, an old upright effects over three mountains and they look like shrines on the backs of donkeys, and on one of the stones of these ruins discovered written inscription ancient language translated by qualified translators This is the text: I Solomon Alstratqosj. The word in Greek means Strutqosj commander of armies. This inscription spoke of Ibn Khaldun, which of the Almighty, who has great prestige among the majority of scholars, which is inferred by many historians and researchers, gives an indication that the Greeks entered the countries of North Africa and found the effects of a wonderful and impressive landmarks reflect the strength of civilization were there for the people educated civilized warrior rebel . What about the pyramids of “wall” which expresses itself Pferndh Catharist funeral and shrines? In the verandah area, there are thirteen pyramid called “wall” which looks Catharist and funerary tombs of the kings who ruled kingdoms Amazigh greats before the founding of the party Masinisa Numidia. There are other pyramids similar to the pyramids Faranda Kherm Alnomide “Amdgasn” button Municipality Bumia of the State of Batna, which is due to build to the third century BC, as well as the pyramid mausoleum of King Mauritanian Alnomide existing Municipal sir in the province of Tipaza Rashid, and the tomb of “Saڨa” Mount Sokhna in the valley Altavenh the king Alnomide “Syphax,” the shrine “Borgo” Alnomide called rock “Hinhir Borgo” in the fourth century BC, there is also the tomb of “Tin Henin” Queen of the Tuareg people authentic area Ibalesa in Alhogar Tamanrasset., and is located at an altitude of 850 meters, which was built five centuries ago before Christ. How do you explain the lack of awareness of many Algerians presence pyramids in their own country? Here in the hands of subversive subject, there are blackout, a group of people do not want to expose all the facts Pyramids of Algeria, because the facts revealed means there is a great civilization in North Africa, and that explains the survival of Pyramids Algeria unknown. Thrown recent lecture at the Supreme Council of the Arabic language, and noted that 99 percent of those who were present are unaware of this, with the pyramids Algerian fact undeniable, and most prestigious five caves absorbed Faranda municipality Pityart, including the cave in which he wrote, “Abdel-Rahman Ibn Khaldun” tag Famous provided. We also recall the pyramid “Emdgsan” in Batna, as well as the Pyramid of Mauritania in the municipality of Sidi Rached Ptibazh, background Vmascenca known what Numidia fact widened even Mauritania, note that the pyramids in the province of Tiaret built before the formation of Numidia. So far, there is no research, except those carried out by Fatima Kadri researcher in archeology Give an example village “Pajero” Municipal Hamma Salah Bey District Setif province, now called the name of “Bajro,” a Roman governor’s name, in this region feel as if you are in a beautiful, a Roman region, the effects are not taken into account not from the municipality, or the state and even the ministry. What disturbs the concerned authorities to do the research? There is a secret, Us officials, and there was no echo, we feel there are hidden force refuses Ghosa largest in the history of the pyramids and Arabhe, with the history of Algeria involves the legacy of the Romans and Phoenicians There are troubled people from contact Amazigh civilization counterpart, Greek, while the heritage of Amazigh Pyramid-2the Pharaohs, as well as the Maya, Khmer and others still received ongoing research, the research time suddenly stopped around the shrine “Tinhenan” in “Obalsp”, is in the Bardo, but there is not any indication of a function, Because historical facts says that Tin Hinan HCA displaced southern Morocco Far from, from the tribe of “Alberaber” which is found so far there. Tin Hinan were proficient in astronomy, literature, and was a great poet as well as a mastery of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and the valuation of these munitions will collide with a political background, as long as the Tin Hinan sloping southern Morocco, although this will not affect on North Africa region, which was frequented by the ancient Amazigh. The inset is a personal “Shoaib son owes the son of Hassan al-Ansari Seville Andalusian” who was in Andalusia, then moved to the Far Morocco, then Bejaia settled informed and educated, where the fact that A world in Bejaia was his enemies were nominated “tiles scientists”, and married there Bhbashah Muslim woman and fathered a “debtor”, and did not Bejaia leave at all, only when summoned by the Sultan Almareni in Morocco Famer Tlemcen, and there is a disease and did not mount up Sidi Boumediene died there, a well-known fact that the renamed “Mount slaves” was buried there, and held his shrine, was followed, he asked the Sultan Marini mosque be built near the burial place of this world good. Unfortunately, that all literature issued, format, “Mr. Boumediene Tlemceni” with that has nothing to do with the city of Tlemcen, and all the works with which Bejaia, and it is dangerous to “Lala City” shrine on Mount slaves, a Jewish legend has become a “Taj Mahal”, and trying to call “elite of evil” and participated Sidi Abu Madyan accompanied by a group of the Maghreb in the battle of Hittin However Saladin, and amputated his left arm, so he “Salahuddin” venerate the Sheikh and his followers, giving them an end to “the wall of the Moroccans,” and the “Moshe Dayan” in 1967, the destruction of all over the place, it shows the great hatred towards the Algerians. What distinguishes the Pyramids of Algeria from those prominent in Egypt? Note conquerors The Algerian pyramids rectangular rather than square Kohramat Egypt, feature-length: 32-34 meters, width: 15-17 meters. The secret of the Pyramids of Algeria is built the way, they are contrary to the Pyramids of Egypt, as the Pyramids of Algeria finished at the top Bakbb not Egyptian Knziradtha ending arrows, and share the pyramids in Algeria and the other in being the most powerful forms that absorb energy, similar to the obelisk designed the Burj Dubai, located in the Mecca – stoning area – from the time of Abraham, peace be upon him, and in the Hajj, the pilgrims stoned obelisk because they attract all the evil spirits. Remarkably, the Al-Saud, the obelisk removed and put in Mount Arafat, and built the wall place, and this obelisk absorb the negative energy is not positive, and we find as well as in Brazil, Britain, Egypt and other countries, as they are also present in the Bouira area. You discussed much in the Algerian pyramids structure, what about the emergence and Tamoqaha? Algerian pyramid includes many corridors and rooms, and each room has its own characteristics, and pointed out here that the pyramids were built according to the positions of the stars, and that is evident in the case of Faranda, for example, accounts were measured according to the positions of stars because the latter have an impact on the ground. Proof that the Masons were notation thought since the time he wrote “Kabbalah” in the pyramids at the hands of “Isaac the Blind,” As we discussed in the Pharaonic civilization, we found that the Pharaohs had written down all their businesses, including embalming mummies, except building the pyramids. This shows that the secrets of building the pyramids taken by certain elite …? True, this guide individually some of these secrets, and it is linked in my opinion shallow Almtchrish in our homes, France 6 thousand researcher in history and archeology, Germany has 8 thousand Researcher, Japan 12 A researcher, while Algeria has 20 researchers, mostly from administrators who do not doing research. Is Founder and strange, when you compare areas of France, Germany, Japan, with an area of ​​Algeria, these countries do not match the geography, however, superiority, and this is what produces questions, especially since the pyramids verandah and others, did not benefit from any research, the problem in the fact that these pyramids forgotten and going Fading. Noted my visit Romania effects in a beautiful city, very strange fetching masons to work that they are random restoration of cement and bricks things ! Otrahm here on the spirit of the deceased, “Fatima Kadri” famous researcher in archeology, who died at the age of 73 years, and contributed research to the excavations and her writings to resolve and uncover the secrets of these historical landmarks that abound in our country for thousands of years, and based on the testimony of “Fatima Quadri”, the Pyramids in the verandah, called “wall” les Jdeddars , a characterization is taken from Arabic She felt “Fatima Kadri” famous researcher in archeology, a very high psychological comfort in the pyramids of Algeria and compared them both in mosques verandah or in other places Why designed Algerian pyramids in this way and on any background? You should know that there is a relationship between geometry and energy as well as you should also know that everything that exists is a power. If anything dismantled into smaller molecules, we find the structure of the atom consists of a nucleus, electrons and protons, and this means that the essence of everything is made up of energy. Falcon whole energy around us and the Almighty God created everything and gave him power. We human beings God created Knakulai energy where we can influence through existing energy around us and we can also impact on the energy around us. So Fbamkanna version positive energy or negative energy as well as we can be influenced by positive or negative card. Engineers and designers were the first to realize the importance of good energy that fills the universe and its impact on all that exists, so they praise their buildings in a measured way and audited accounts in specific places in order to receive and send energy. This enormous power and be up and down and the transmission and reception can be received either positively or negatively. One of the most distinctive designs to transfer this energy pyramids, which is the strongest in the world in terms of energy transfer. These pyramids bizarre and full of secrets a lot of people think it is just the tombs of the Pharaohs and kings ruled the country and the people during ancient times, but in fact constructed to the goal and purpose of the last known only to a few of the ruling elite in the fate of peoples and world domination. These pyramids not built to be only for the Pharaohs or kings or rulers, but to be laboratories and corridors of secret communications and complex creations with evil acquires supernatural powers shrines. The irony is that these pyramids were built as sites for the stars of a certain elite know the right knowledge and in places it is a very powerful energy. There are also intended stoops each pyramid and other things complicated design long talk about it now. We have been building these structures very precise geometry in those times and set them up in certain places on the intersections of hidden secret points called (the points of intersection), and when these facilities coincides with the power lines points and geometry created the so-called “Star Gate” and this can create entrances to parallel dimensions our world. How is it that? When we call positive energy combine this power with external power of the same type, remains in a positive field and feel the psychological and spiritual comfort, and when we call negative energy combine with other negative energy makes us in a negative field of energy back we negativity we experience the sensation of fatigue and psychological distress, anxiety, what sends us back us. For Amazigh Pyramid-3 example, when we enter the mosque, we will feel a direct spiritual positive energy and this is due to the cohesion Taqtin the affirmative to humans and the mosque, and by this act of worship, the energy that is transferred and circulation be so positive and spiritual condition, and this is what made all the mosques are built the same way and the same design in order to transfer This positive energy. For your information, the minarets and the eight-sided domes and pyramids are more structures in terms of power transmission and reception of energy. Striking that the pyramids of Egypt and Sudan and South America are quite different from the Pyramids of Algeria, Vohramat Algeria square format at the base ends at the top Bakbb Kqubb mosques and this is the secret of the unique and solo form, while the Pyramids of Egypt, and similar ends are all at the top in the same way (tapered head a summit Pyramid), what is the secret of this difference? The pyramid Pharaonic form geometric unique to him strange and amazing characteristics are summarized in meeting enormous supernatural powers. It is at the summit of any head absorbs pyramid cosmic energy and put to the bottom and then this enormous energy spread to the base station yields a straight radial line from top to bottom laser beam resembles produces strong interactions electromagnetic intense inside the pyramid and all of this is the impact of stars like the sun, which is closest to the Earth Star ( god of the sun when the Pharaohs) and other cosmic forces. In this vast amount of power elite seeks to communicate with external parallel worlds to our world through the magic of Science (Kabbalah), astrology, hypocrisy and offerings etc …. and because of this concentrated energy inside the pyramid be negative – of course because of the acts and actions are contrary to nature and human encroachment by the elite – they bring evil spirits and harmful creatures to deal with it and learn from them hidden supernatural science and wizardry hypocrisy and hypnosis and manipulate minds and telekinesis and telepathy and what it of deceit and deception. Pyramid Amazigh is just the opposite, Vbashklh at the base box and spire at the top, which resembles the dome of the mosque – and this is a striking Haka- absorbed is the other massive energy in the universe and emitted from galaxies, stars and other bodies have not yet teach, talk inside a strong interactions uncanny be positive Due to the dome at the top, which distinguish it from other pyramids and also because of the actions of sound and rational human Amazigh wise and the knower of things phenomena of nature, geometry, arithmetic, physics and all the sciences has useful knowledge, Vttold including positive energy which provide him with psychological comfort, tranquility and power of the mind, body and safety of so-called completely thinking as happens inside the mosque of positive interactions. Human Amazigh who was moving by nature sound and spontaneity mature and respect the laws of nature and deal with them in a positive and healthy, the best act in his dealings with civilizations and its neighboring peoples and interact with all seriousness and sincerity, and took and gave a lot of knowledge, science, culture and the arts. To salute the great people who gave strength civilization does not force civilization. As a reminder, the Amazigh people is authentic North Africa since ancient dwelling people (before the birth of Christ Jesus the son of Mary, peace be upon them) and the horns of this before entering the Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs and Muslims when I am opening. It wanted to expand more in the history of the Amazigh in North Africa and other neighboring countries, he has to review the book “The lessons and the Office Debutante news” great historian, “Abdel-Rahman Ibn Khaldun” and other references to reliable historians and researchers Algerians and orientalists. Pyramid-1Amazigh Pyramid-2Amazigh Pyramid-3]]>

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