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Azziman’s Council approves mandatory Amazigh .. and Expands the French language programs

Azziman’s Council approves mandatory   Amazigh .. and Expands the French language programs

Tamazight Langue Officielle Tamazight an official language[/caption] Mohamed Belkacem Saturday, March 21, 2015 – 11:45 The Office of the Higher Council of Education, Training and Scientific Research has released new recommendations that should included strategic report to be presented President, Omar Azziman, the king of the country, where he decided to quote on mandatory adoption of the Amazigh language in the initial stages. Despite the adoption of the Moroccan constitution, the Tamazight language second official, however, that the proposal to the Office of the Council just approved circulated in the primary wire to all educational institutions, without including preparatory and secondary levels, which could trigger the next meeting of the General Assembly of the Council, according to supporters of the Amazigh language from within the Council. Source from within the Office of the Council, assured that the new recommendations came from a committee set up by Azziman, outside of the Standing Committee, which re-examined the proposal of the English language support in the Moroccan educational curriculum, which has already been recommended by the Standing Committee of the curriculum, programs and configurations, and educational media and the display on the last session of the General Assembly of the Council. The record of the source, who declined to be identified, that the recommendations adopted by the Council, which reduced the Amazigh, stated the need to “frenchify” all educational curricula, noting that the mini-committee recommended the adoption of the French language in all Moroccan school levels from the first primary to baccalaureate, at a time which will put the check in front of the universities to adopt what it deems appropriate by virtue of its independence language. In this direction, the same source explained that the new recommendation, which added to the level of the French for the first primary, as well as provides grants to institutions of choice for many of the teaching materials are produced in both French and Arabic at all levels to the limits of the second year of the baccalaureate wire. Thus, the current Francophone within the Council, according to a source Hsebres, has returned strongly to impose his vision on the forthcoming reform of education, after the disposal of the recommendation of the adoption of the English language a foreign language first in the Kingdom, as well as gain other points were in favor of the Arabic language, which angered much power defender for “the Arabic language”, and according to the source, who has vowed to respond strongly to this recommendation is expected to open the debate around in the next General Assembly.]]>

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